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Life Update: It’s been a while…

Hey everyone!

I know I know it’s been a while. I started this year actually doing pretty good in regards to writing my blog on a regular basis but I somehow lost track…

I still have some articles in the pipeline from the All Time Low tour in March which I definitely want to finish and share at some point. I had such an awesome time traveling the country, cheering for my fave band on stage a good 9 times and made it into one show for free. I also met the guys a few times, had laughs with the crew as well as support acts and made a new friend. 

I also had a blast seeing Ed Sheeran at London’s O2 couple days ago and been reunited with my Italian friend after 3 years… However, I am still writing for Invicta so check my reviews and stalk me on there. 🙂 I’ve also been back in Germany for some family gatherings in the meantime and finally got my new tattoo 👍

So a lot of good things happened but I still recently got really bad into overthinking. Just about all sort of things, literally everything. I’ve always been a ‘thinker’ but it just got really bad. I feel restless, don’t get enough sleep and just don’t know what to do with all these thoughts. It goes beyond the occasional ‘I wish my brain would shut up for a minute’ most people experience from time to time. 

I’m also the PRO in procrastination. There are just so many things I would like to do. Partly things that are not doable/affordable but halfway things I just procrastinate. Let it be out of laziness or simple lack of motivation. Whatever you want to call it… 


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Random Life Update #4

Hey everyone.

I figured that I managed to show proper absence from my blog recently. So, time to catch up 🙂

I was lucky to do my first artist interview for Invicta Magazine. I interviewed the Irish singer Bry and reviewed his sold out London show. He supported Twenty One Pilots on their tour last year and is currently touring Europe with his own headline show. He is also due to release a video for latest single Disarm which will feature actress Evy Lynch (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter) You can check out my articles on Invicta

The same week I went to my old place in South West London and had a catch up with my friend. I also took the occasion to take a long walk along the river to get some steps together for my fitness plan. 

Despite of work there was not that much going on to be fair, which is why I had a little lack of creating a blog entry earlier. However I received a nice parcel the other day from Hopeless Records. It was a special edition vinyl from Sum 4113 voices. They arranged a signing in Cologne which I was not able to attend therefore I got the vinyl sent to me. I was happy and surprised that it was signed despite of me not attending the actual signing. 

Last week I went to see them play a small intimate show in Kingston organized by Banquet Records. They barely played anything new but most of the single releases they had. It was an amazing show and a lot of fun. A review for this one can also be found on Invicta 😉 

So we already reached March. The month I’ve literally been waiting for. This month for me is all about All Time Low. Starting with an intimate show tomorrow (Thursday) in a 400 capacity venue before the UK tour starts on Friday at the Eventim Apollo. I’ll then have my friend visiting me on Saturday for a roadtrip to Cardiff. All I am saying at this point is: so far I will be attending 7 shows overall in the UK but I will definitely create more blog entries around this tour! 

Don’t forget to follow my blog and leave some comments when you like.


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Random Life Update #3

Hey everyone.

So in todays post I’m gonna try to catch up with everything that was going on the past 2 weeks since my holiday.

First off I went to try out Cineworlds 4D experience. It felt a bit like a roller coaster but I think it was quite good. For sure something different to try out but just as like 3d in general it is nothing I would do that often. Oh and the movie was Resident Evil, which was also not too bad. 

Last week I also went to see Green Day live at The o2 in London after AXS released some last minute tickets. I basically spent my remaining money for the month on this ticket but it was worth it and probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. They love what they do and appreciate everyone and everything that comes along qith it and you can feel that. Absolute genuine and great band. I wrote a review for this show for Invicta magazine so if you want to check it out click Here.

That weekend was Grammy weekend and I was very happy that Twenty Øne Piløts won their first award. Well deserved and Tyler got an inofficial award for the best speech as well. (Tylers speech) Anyone from Anywere can do Anything!!  💙💙

After the Grammys we had the NME Awards in London this week and Twenty Øne Piløts have been nominated for worst band while Zayn Malik was nominated for a few awards. I guess someone had personal preferences there… The important award winner I think are Bastille for best album and Biffy Clyro for best British band. I’m glad I got to see both bands live last year. Most important Tøp didn’t get the worst band award, instead 5 Seconds of Summer snatched this one for the 3rd time in a row.

Yesterday I started my day very early to make my way to Nick Grimshaw and his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Alex and Jack from All Time Low announced they would be there to world premier their new song Dirty Laundry. They took the time to meet everyone before going inside and I finally got my limited Dirty Work vinyl signed. In the evening I went to see Room 94 and Walwin play a gig in Islington. R94 played this show in honour to raise money for Gary Raymonds memorial. It was a great evening despite the sad background. 

As happy as I am that I got to meet Jalex again, I still want to finish off this blog entry in memory of Gary. To me he was not just some band manager or author but he also became a friend. He appreciated the little things, valued unsigned music and talent, was encouraging and a person easy to openly talk to about anything. He might have lost this battle but he will truly be missed by a lot. RIP         Blag, Steal & Borrow


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Travel Review – Lisbon Day 2

Starting off day 2 of our city trip with a really nice breakfast at our Fenix Music hotel. They had a variety of juice in small cute bottles, a pancake maker with a glass front to be able to watch it in the making and even a smoothie maker. And yet again we had a really great service when we went for our breakfast. So far I ain’t got much negative to say about this hotel. One is the bathroom light I mentioned in my previous post, the sound box could be a bit better and last is the bathroom itself. It appears quite fancy and has a very good rain shower but is not really practical when you share the room. Be prepared to get naked in front of that person 😀 But overall I stay with it to say that this hotel is awesome and offers a great service. Or maybe it’s just me not being used to it that hotel staff welcomes you right away when stepping out of the lift.

Anyway, so today we went back to our sightseeing bus and took a different route out to Belém. On the way there we got a great view on the bridge Ponte 25 de Abril as well as the Cristo Rei statue. Unfortunately the weather covered it in quite big foggy clouds but still nice to see. Belém itself was personally not really my fave spot as not just the lighthouse was tiny but the actual tower too. Heading back into town we got off at the Rossio Square to get on the cute little tram 28 to bring us for 2.90€ up the hill to our next destination. 

After climbing up the last few metres we reached St. George Castle. We decided to spend the 8.50€ to explore the castle, the ruins around, the peacocks and walked along on top of the castles walls. The terrace around the entrance offers a wonderful view over the city with the bridge and waterfront from one of the highest spots of Lisboa. We decided to take a walk back downtown and got to the Baixa Pombalina with it’s Rua Augusta Arch and plenty of restaurants. After discovering that guys will talk to you every few steps to either sell you something or make you go to their restaurant we decided to leave and head to the Hard Rock Café for Cocktails and Nachos during their Happy Hour offer on weekdays (17-19). 

After our snack we got on one of the TukTuk vehicles right in front of the door. We had a lovely girl taking us to the highest natural point of the city and we passed another viewing platform on the way there called Largo das Portas do sol, which is just around the corner from the castle. Anyway we enjoyed a really great nightview over the city and the bridge. She also told us a few interesting facts like the rebuilding of the whole downtown after the earthquake of 1755 with a more geometric road network.

I want to finish off this post with two little things I came across. First off it is hard to find a postbox anywhere in fact I found none apart from the ones at the post office directly to get our postcard on it’s way. Secondly we basically couldn’t find any small shops to buy food, snacks or drinks. So here a little hint, there is a bigger grocery store called Pingo Doce in a parallel road next to the Rossio Square.

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Travel Review – Lisbon Day 1

A good 2.5 hour flight from London and we got safely into Lisbon. It was pretty easy to get into town from the airport. We decided to take the AeroBus for €3.50 per person instead of the Metro, which got us basically directly to our hotel at Marqués de Pombal. There seem to be a lot of hotels in this area and also the Hop on, Hop off sightseeing busses start from here. From this place it is also possible to reach the waterfront within a 20min walk.

My first impression from Lisbon is very positive. The people seem to be very friendly, welcoming and always try to help. So far we only took one tour with the sightseeing bus to get a good overview from the city and it seems to me that there is a lot of construction work for new buildings is going on. It also looks like there is a pretty mix of older more traditional looking houses with their pretty balconies and the newer hotels and office complexes. But I also want to mention that there are a couple of areas with quite poorly looking houses, barely maintained and I’m not even talking about any suburbs here.

On the first day we decided to get our dinner at the Hard Rock Café as it is also just down the road. The food was good and we have been really well looked after. I can definitely recommend this place even though it might be a bit pricier than somewhere else but to be fair we couldn’t really find anything else close by.

We will spend 2 more days in Lisbon before heading to Estoril and explore the area towards the west a little bit more. I will write another blog post for this but before finishing off with some pictures I want to mention that the HF Fenix Music hotel we stay in is totally amazing!! 

A music themed hotel itself already got me by it’s description but it is actually awesome. The reception looks like a drumkit, the bar like a piano and they have a little studio area as well. We have a room with a massive balcony overlooking an outdoor area which seems to function as an open air stage. You can also easily connect your device with sound boxes in the wall via bluetooth. Lights can be changed to blue or red via touch pad and you can also let the curtains down using this. What I find a bit odd is the little complicated way of switching the light on in the bathroom area. Another thing I really like apart from the rooftop pool, is that you only need to tap your key card on the door to open it, same when you use the lift and it automatically goes up to the correct floor.

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You Me At Six, Seven, Eight

Hey everyone.

I originally planned to write a review of the ymas show a week ago but couldn’t really find the time.

So short off the show was awesome and I have to say I really enjoy these smaller shows in Kingston. Last time I went to The Rose Theatre I’ve seen Blink 182 and Bring Me The Horizon. They played a great acoustic show with some old tracks like Fresh Start Fever and Lived a Lie. They kicked of the show with new track Heavy Soul and also presented Swear and Take on the World from the new album Night People. 

Josh then surprised by bringing his dog on stage for quickly showing everyone what a proud dog daddy he is. They also mentioned that they can imagine to do a whole tour of small acoustic shows. Well I’d totally be up for it.

Right, moving on to my weekly update. I’ve been a bit ill this week so kept it easy. On Tuesday I won tickets for the Gala Screening of Christine including a Q & A afterwards. A movie with Rebecca Hall raising awareness of mental health issues. I have to say that I think the movie is way too long due to quite unnecessary scenes and I wasn’t really into it despite the fact that the reason behind the film is great. I also went to the cinema to see split. Also by times a bit odd but I would recommend to watch it. Great acting. 

So next week I’m going on holiday with my bestie and really looking forward to explore a new city 🙂


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Random Life Update #2

Hi everyone!

So another week passed and honestly this week got pretty cold. I must say that I’m pretty much done wih winter now and can’t wait for it to actually be a bit warmer again but guess I’ll need to wait a bit longer for that to happen.

Anyway this week I’ve been to the theatre and seen the play ‘Much ado about nothing’ I have to admit I didn’t know anything about it but been positiv surprised. Even though they often talked way too fast for me as a non native speaker to follow but I kind of liked the play. It was actually really funny! 

So this weekend I’m going to see You Me At Six with an acoustic show for Banquet Records in Kingston in celebration of their new album release. I’ll maybe put a review together about that on Monday.

I also have something else to say today. I don’t want to sound rude or moaning or anything. I just want to put down my thoughts without any offense and for everyone who doesn’t know me: I’m pretty straight forward and honest if I have to say something. So my current thought is: How are people able to go the the gym in the morning and in the evening, every single day? Like, if I was to do that I wouldn’t have my normal life anymore. This would mean for me I would probably get up at about 4 or 5, giving me around 6 hours of sleep if I’m lucky (and I do love a good sleep) For the evening, well I like to go to as many events as I can… The struggle is, I got on the fitness track too for this year to finally loose some weight and get fit again. So I do my evening workouts at home, have my fitness armband and just try in general to walk as much as possible each day. I am aware that I should probably put more effort in it… So I start to skip more and more vusstops on my way to work and will soon start to walk the complete way which should take about an hour (says google maps)

That’s it from me this week.


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Random Life Update #1

Hey everyone.

So for a change this is not a review, well kind of but it got nothing to do with a band. There we have the difference 🙂

So I jumped on the fitness hype, to finally make the change. Not as a New Years resolution (already started last year) but I finally found more motivation now to make 2017 my year. (Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year’ by All Time Low been stuck in my head forever haha)

Anyway so my first week back at work is over and it’s been dragging along big times. Yesterday I went for a walk to hit my 12k step target despite the rain and explored the area a bit.

Anyway so right now I’m on the train to Southampton to see The Bottom Line again as it’s the last day of their tour. Quite spontaneous decision and I’ll end up with about 4hours sleep for work tomorrow but whatever 🙂 And more good news, I have been added to the team of Invicta magazine so I’ll do reviews for their online mag now ✌

Southampton was proper cold and rainy but I’m glad I followed the invitation of the band. They are always great to see live and super nice lads. You can also check out my review from their EP release show on Thursday in London on the Invicta page: TBL review

Support High Down were also really good. Already seen them at a Festival last year. Also, I somehow love the picture below. Always trying to get those shaded band pics as I really like those 🙂

So that’s it from me, see you next week 🙂


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Introducing: The Bottom Line strike again

The four piece is going to kick off the new year with their own tour followed by the release of their new EP. The ‘I still hate you tour’ kicks off on Monday 9th January with the new EP to be due the same week. After a successful 2016 with loads of touring especially in the UK and Europe with Simple Plan and a great Teddy Rocks Festival, pretty sure we will hear and see a lot more of this band in 2017.


The Bottom Line is a pop punk band from UK’s south. They already have big support tours on their list for bands like Bowling for Soup and Simple Plan. The band also managed to make the step outside the UK to tour Europe and Asia. Member Tom also created the Teddy Rocks Festival to raise money for the charity Teddy20 against children cancer.


Energetic pop punk you definitely don’t want to miss out! This band already proofed with the last EP ‘Role Models’ what they got. After a surprise song release for Christmas (Cancel Christmas), the new video to ‘Pull me out’ and new single release ‘When I come around’ – the excitement for the new EP is definitely there!(4/5 K rating from Kerrang magazine!) Little mention at the end: These four are a lot of fun to see live making their jokes, jumping around and getting the audience involved.

Good news: They are on UK tour this month, so go check them out and see for yourself 😉 Get Tickets here


  • 9th January – Glasgow
  • 10th January – Nottingham
  • 11th January – Manchester
  • 12th January – London (EP release show)
  • 13th January – Bristol
  • 15th January – Southampton

Want to find out more? Get in contact with The Bottom Line on their Social Media:

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Concert review: All Time Low Back to the Future Hearts Tour

11th-13th February The o2 London, Manchester Arena, Barclaycard Arena Birmingham


All Time Low kicked off their first arena headline tour ‘Back to the Future hearts’ in Cardiff on Wednesday following shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Dublin. The setlist mainly reflects the newest album ‘Future Hearts’ but also contains a bunch of pretty old tracks like ‘Poppin Champagne’ or ‘Do you want me dead’. The band also celebrates the ten year anniversary of their first album ‘Put up or shut up’ why they decided to pick a different song from this album for each of the six shows. Like ‘Break out! Break out!’ in Cardiff or ‘Coffee Shop Soundtrack’ in London. They also retired some classics from last years setlist like ‘Stella’ and ‘Time Bomb’.


But let’s start with the really good choice of support bands for this tour.
First off the quite new Against the Current from New York getting the crowd going, even though the most didn’t know the band. But when they played their rock cover of ‘uptown funk’ they definitely had everyone on board, followed by their quite catchy songs ‘Outsiders’ and ‘Gravity’. Following this support tour they will start their own Europe tour playing London Koko 21st March and dropping their debut album very soon.


The second support are Good Charlotte, who finally reunited after around 6 years absence where the Madden brothers mainly concentrated on writing with several artists just like 5 Seconds of Summer or All Time Low.
They started their show with ‘The Anthem’ and filled the setlist with a best of mix of their songs like ‘The River’, ‘I just wanna live’ and finished with ‘Lifestyle of the rich and the famous’. They also enjoyed making their jokes about the ATL guys especially while Jack Barakat is always sitting on the side watching the show. (So did Benji Madden reveal that he is actually Jacks real father and used to model with Rian) Of course they also presented their new song ‘Makeshift Love’ and announced to tour the UK later this year with a new record.


All Time Low started their set with an energetic ‘Kids in the dark’, ‘Love like war’ and asked to ‘Dance with a wolf’ while they got on stage on a moving platform from under the stage. Their chats with the crowd contained the usual jokes about each other and Alex making fun of Jack’s mum. Jack is also the one who likes to get into the crowd at some point during the show or casually came back on stage only wearing pants with the UK flag on.


For ‘Bail me out’ they got Joel Madden from Good Charlotte to join them on stage as he co-wrote this song, before the band slowed down for Alex to perform the acoustic version of ‘Therapy’ with the crowd having some lights out and singing along. Thereafter he goes over in an emotional speech about addiction before singing ‘Missing you’.



Having the full band back on stage and after playing a total of 16 songs they leave the stage to get ready for their Encore. As end of the show they play ‘Weightless’ and ‘Something’s gotta give’ before finishing the show in the usual way by throwing guitars during the last song ‘Dear Maria count me in’.

All Time Low is a band that likes to party (Jack casually went DJing in a club in Birmingham after the show) and proved that they can create a good atmosphere in big arenas with their energetic show filled with pyrotechnics and fire. 

Surprisingly the band who is known to always be on tour has not really announced anything yet apart of playing this years Download Festival.

Setlist: ATL
Kids in the dark
A love like war
Dancing with a wolf
Backseat serenade
Lost in stereo
Poppin champagne
Damned if i do ya
Tidal waves
Bail me out
Missing you
Do you want me(Dead)
One song of put up or shut up
Don’t you go
Old scars/future hearts
Somethings gotta give
Dear Maria