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Random Life Update #3

Hey everyone.

So in todays post I’m gonna try to catch up with everything that was going on the past 2 weeks since my holiday.

First off I went to try out Cineworlds 4D experience. It felt a bit like a roller coaster but I think it was quite good. For sure something different to try out but just as like 3d in general it is nothing I would do that often. Oh and the movie was Resident Evil, which was also not too bad. 

Last week I also went to see Green Day live at The o2 in London after AXS released some last minute tickets. I basically spent my remaining money for the month on this ticket but it was worth it and probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. They love what they do and appreciate everyone and everything that comes along qith it and you can feel that. Absolute genuine and great band. I wrote a review for this show for Invicta magazine so if you want to check it out click Here.

That weekend was Grammy weekend and I was very happy that Twenty Øne Piløts won their first award. Well deserved and Tyler got an inofficial award for the best speech as well. (Tylers speech) Anyone from Anywere can do Anything!!  💙💙

After the Grammys we had the NME Awards in London this week and Twenty Øne Piløts have been nominated for worst band while Zayn Malik was nominated for a few awards. I guess someone had personal preferences there… The important award winner I think are Bastille for best album and Biffy Clyro for best British band. I’m glad I got to see both bands live last year. Most important Tøp didn’t get the worst band award, instead 5 Seconds of Summer snatched this one for the 3rd time in a row.

Yesterday I started my day very early to make my way to Nick Grimshaw and his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Alex and Jack from All Time Low announced they would be there to world premier their new song Dirty Laundry. They took the time to meet everyone before going inside and I finally got my limited Dirty Work vinyl signed. In the evening I went to see Room 94 and Walwin play a gig in Islington. R94 played this show in honour to raise money for Gary Raymonds memorial. It was a great evening despite the sad background. 

As happy as I am that I got to meet Jalex again, I still want to finish off this blog entry in memory of Gary. To me he was not just some band manager or author but he also became a friend. He appreciated the little things, valued unsigned music and talent, was encouraging and a person easy to openly talk to about anything. He might have lost this battle but he will truly be missed by a lot. RIP         Blag, Steal & Borrow



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