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Travel Review – Lisbon Day 1

A good 2.5 hour flight from London and we got safely into Lisbon. It was pretty easy to get into town from the airport. We decided to take the AeroBus for €3.50 per person instead of the Metro, which got us basically directly to our hotel at Marqués de Pombal. There seem to be a lot of hotels in this area and also the Hop on, Hop off sightseeing busses start from here. From this place it is also possible to reach the waterfront within a 20min walk.

My first impression from Lisbon is very positive. The people seem to be very friendly, welcoming and always try to help. So far we only took one tour with the sightseeing bus to get a good overview from the city and it seems to me that there is a lot of construction work for new buildings is going on. It also looks like there is a pretty mix of older more traditional looking houses with their pretty balconies and the newer hotels and office complexes. But I also want to mention that there are a couple of areas with quite poorly looking houses, barely maintained and I’m not even talking about any suburbs here.

On the first day we decided to get our dinner at the Hard Rock Café as it is also just down the road. The food was good and we have been really well looked after. I can definitely recommend this place even though it might be a bit pricier than somewhere else but to be fair we couldn’t really find anything else close by.

We will spend 2 more days in Lisbon before heading to Estoril and explore the area towards the west a little bit more. I will write another blog post for this but before finishing off with some pictures I want to mention that the HF Fenix Music hotel we stay in is totally amazing!! 

A music themed hotel itself already got me by it’s description but it is actually awesome. The reception looks like a drumkit, the bar like a piano and they have a little studio area as well. We have a room with a massive balcony overlooking an outdoor area which seems to function as an open air stage. You can also easily connect your device with sound boxes in the wall via bluetooth. Lights can be changed to blue or red via touch pad and you can also let the curtains down using this. What I find a bit odd is the little complicated way of switching the light on in the bathroom area. Another thing I really like apart from the rooftop pool, is that you only need to tap your key card on the door to open it, same when you use the lift and it automatically goes up to the correct floor.


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