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Random Life Update #1

Hey everyone.

So for a change this is not a review, well kind of but it got nothing to do with a band. There we have the difference šŸ™‚

So I jumped on the fitness hype, to finally make the change. Not as a New Years resolution (already started last year) but I finally found more motivation now to make 2017 my year. (Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year’ by All Time Low been stuck in my head forever haha)

Anyway so my first week back at work is over and it’s been dragging along big times. Yesterday I went for a walk to hit my 12k step target despite the rain and explored the area a bit.

Anyway so right now I’m on the train to Southampton to see The Bottom Line again as it’s the last day of their tour. Quite spontaneous decision and I’ll end up with about 4hours sleep for work tomorrow but whatever šŸ™‚ And more good news, I have been added to the team of Invicta magazine so I’ll do reviews for their online mag now āœŒ

Southampton was proper cold and rainy but I’m glad I followed the invitation of the band. They are always great to see live and super nice lads. You can also check out my review from their EP release show on Thursday in London on the Invicta page: TBL review

Support High Down were also really good. Already seen them at a Festival last year. Also, I somehow love the picture below. Always trying to get those shaded band pics as I really like those šŸ™‚

So that’s it from me, see you next week šŸ™‚



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