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Concert review: All Time Low Back to the Future Hearts Tour

11th-13th February The o2 London, Manchester Arena, Barclaycard Arena Birmingham


All Time Low kicked off their first arena headline tour ‘Back to the Future hearts’ in Cardiff on Wednesday following shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Dublin. The setlist mainly reflects the newest album ‘Future Hearts’ but also contains a bunch of pretty old tracks like ‘Poppin Champagne’ or ‘Do you want me dead’. The band also celebrates the ten year anniversary of their first album ‘Put up or shut up’ why they decided to pick a different song from this album for each of the six shows. Like ‘Break out! Break out!’ in Cardiff or ‘Coffee Shop Soundtrack’ in London. They also retired some classics from last years setlist like ‘Stella’ and ‘Time Bomb’.


But let’s start with the really good choice of support bands for this tour.
First off the quite new Against the Current from New York getting the crowd going, even though the most didn’t know the band. But when they played their rock cover of ‘uptown funk’ they definitely had everyone on board, followed by their quite catchy songs ‘Outsiders’ and ‘Gravity’. Following this support tour they will start their own Europe tour playing London Koko 21st March and dropping their debut album very soon.


The second support are Good Charlotte, who finally reunited after around 6 years absence where the Madden brothers mainly concentrated on writing with several artists just like 5 Seconds of Summer or All Time Low.
They started their show with ‘The Anthem’ and filled the setlist with a best of mix of their songs like ‘The River’, ‘I just wanna live’ and finished with ‘Lifestyle of the rich and the famous’. They also enjoyed making their jokes about the ATL guys especially while Jack Barakat is always sitting on the side watching the show. (So did Benji Madden reveal that he is actually Jacks real father and used to model with Rian) Of course they also presented their new song ‘Makeshift Love’ and announced to tour the UK later this year with a new record.


All Time Low started their set with an energetic ‘Kids in the dark’, ‘Love like war’ and asked to ‘Dance with a wolf’ while they got on stage on a moving platform from under the stage. Their chats with the crowd contained the usual jokes about each other and Alex making fun of Jack’s mum. Jack is also the one who likes to get into the crowd at some point during the show or casually came back on stage only wearing pants with the UK flag on.


For ‘Bail me out’ they got Joel Madden from Good Charlotte to join them on stage as he co-wrote this song, before the band slowed down for Alex to perform the acoustic version of ‘Therapy’ with the crowd having some lights out and singing along. Thereafter he goes over in an emotional speech about addiction before singing ‘Missing you’.



Having the full band back on stage and after playing a total of 16 songs they leave the stage to get ready for their Encore. As end of the show they play ‘Weightless’ and ‘Something’s gotta give’ before finishing the show in the usual way by throwing guitars during the last song ‘Dear Maria count me in’.

All Time Low is a band that likes to party (Jack casually went DJing in a club in Birmingham after the show) and proved that they can create a good atmosphere in big arenas with their energetic show filled with pyrotechnics and fire. 

Surprisingly the band who is known to always be on tour has not really announced anything yet apart of playing this years Download Festival.

Setlist: ATL
Kids in the dark
A love like war
Dancing with a wolf
Backseat serenade
Lost in stereo
Poppin champagne
Damned if i do ya
Tidal waves
Bail me out
Missing you
Do you want me(Dead)
One song of put up or shut up
Don’t you go
Old scars/future hearts
Somethings gotta give
Dear Maria



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